María Carolina Alban L

Creator of this MUSIC WITH PURPOSE program; Bachelor of Music at the University of Valle. Expert Vocalist and composer, winner of several international festivals. Certified Counseling Emotional of Royal International Institute of Natural Health; Certified Temperament Counselor of National Christian Counseling Association, Tireless researcher of human behavior and their relationship with the divine nature. International Personal Couching, INTERIOR HEALTH, writer of articles from international journals and several books including ENCOUNTER WITH GOD, Seven Steps to Inner Healing. Performer with her music at workshops, as a perfect blend of personal growth and therapeutic effects of music. She is inviting you to create a new musical and deep inner consciousness within MUSIC WITH PURPOSE, Medicine for the Soul.

“I want to tell you that I am the first evidence of this proposal. That’s why for me to have a special purpose for my music is already a path in my life and a mission that life has given to me.

Rather than be a professional job, it’s my living essence, given to mankind. The world is invaded sales for business purposes; and while it is true that this is my personal business, I will tell you that my goal is not what the world offers; it is MUSIC with Purpose, Medicine For the Soul.”

My Experience:
  •  Colombian singer and songwriter, winner of several international competitions in message’s song category;
  •  Vocalist expert with 25 years of musical experience, graduated of the Music Academy Valdiri.1991.
  • Bachelor of Music at the University of Valle, Cali Colombia. 2001
  • Certified Emotional Consultant. IACNHC 2006
  •  Certified Temperament Counselor. NCCA/SACC 2013.
  • Tireless researcher of emotional and spiritual human behavior and their relationship with God.
  • Founder of Online Counseling and Education Center “Clinic Of The Soul”;
  • Creator of several integral health programs, seminars and conferences of spiritual growth.
  •  Writer of books and articles for magazines with family purpose.

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The Soul’s Medicine

Emotion plays a critical role in today’s largest human health condition:Stress.

MUSIC WITH PURPOSE, Medicine Of The soul; has a mission to educate and awake a new inner awareness through inspirational music and messages, to have a personal encounter with divine nature  within yourself and the world around us. Using music in educational and therapeutic process and going beyond, more than a simple entertainment, breaking paradigms in each of the melodies within messages of faith, love, hope for the world through vocal technique with body’s expression combine together and meditation process to have a better emotional and mind health results.

Diseases of the soul and emotional states such as anxiety, depression, fears, loneliness are the cause of stress and this in turn can affect your physical, mental, emotional and / or spiritual body.

Discover how music, singing and a real personal growth can take to living processes of catharsis, liberation and inner healing, healing the diseases of the soul.

Educational Center

The International Educational Center Online “MUSIC WITH PURPOSE, Medicine For The Soul” is an educational organization based in Therapeutic teaching based on the Theory of Temperaments develop a program through which our customers can meet their temperament (inborn) and how this affects their personal, family, social and its interrelation with the surrounding environment with the purpose of taken them into a Interior Healing Process.

As a powerful tool we use Music-Meditation Techniques, Vocal technique classes and Body’s Expression Techniques to release emotions and behavior patterns than can be affecting our personal and interpersonal lives.

  • We are an Online Educational Center Certified NCCA / SACC members; which certifies us as specialists in Creation Therapy or Theory of Temperaments.
  •  We base our knowledge on the word of God and faith in the Trinity (Father, Son and Holy Spirit).
  •  We used the APS (Arnold Profiled System), which is a systemized creator by Dr. Richard G Arnold program; as our tool to know the temperaments of our customers.
  •  The APS Profile  has been developed in the United States since 1983 and is fully supported by NCCA National Christian Counseling Association; being a blessing to millions of people and families who have benefited from it having a successful outcome of 95.7%.
  •  Therefore Maria Carolina has been created INTERIOR HEALING Therapeutic Program & MUSIC’s PURPOSE & BEYOND. Medicine for the Soul; designed to use music as an element that complements these educational processes, which makes our work and our results on a personal level much more efficient.



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